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Due Diligence Investigations

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Due Diligence is a form of risk assessment and is essential before entering into any new business or large transactions, or public issues. 

Due diligence is still not practiced as it should be. In fact, entire countries, such as the Philippines during 2020/2021 interacted in transactions with Pharmally and now corruption is rearing it's ugly head and the Philippines is blaming a lack of due diligence on the Covid pandemic. This is a case in point of a breeding ground for fraud and corruption.

What does due diligence investigations show?

Due diligence is a deep background investigation to make sure that the parties to the transaction make informed decisions in order to proceed with the transaction. Due diligence is necessary to reveal misrepresentation and fraudulent dealings in a major business transaction, whether that be a simple merger between two businesses or a complex international transaction.

Due diligence bridges the gap between what is publicly known and what may be obscured or unforeseen. We provide custom due diligence investigations to the needs of private clients, small businesses, law firms, accounting firms and investors.

Due Diligence Investigations

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