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Cyber Integrity & Forensics


California Cyber Security Agency

Cybersecurity—necessary to all Internet users—provides work from home employees to small businesses the resources to protect their livelihood, privacy and security of customer information. We are here to help our clients manage risk, ensure integrity and mitigate exposure.

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What can work from home, small businesses and home offices due to stop cyber attacks?

Cyber Security

Cyber Investigations

 Social Media Investigations

In today's world, we are wrapped up in mobile devices (phones & tablets) along with desktop computers to manage our businesses, personal lives and our finances.

With our devices becoming an extension of our very being, comes the very real potential for abuse. Not only by ourselves but by those that wish to do us harm.

Our investigation firm has a fully devoted cybersecurity and computer forensics professional. We help California law firms and private clients learn what is on a device, for various reasons, what has transpired while that device was in use and either the collection of that data or the prevention of attacks via cybersecurity measures.

What Device Forensics and Cybersecurity Services Do You Offer?

We offer three forms of service:


1. The investigation of cyber crimes during or after an incident. This includes cyberbullying, extortion, blackmail, attacks, and device forensics.


2. We provide mitigation services that help our clients minimize risk. We help private clients establish secure home-based-business networks; work for companies to establish operating risk mitigation protocols.


3. We conduct mobile device (cell phone) security audits to see if you are at risk or have been compromised by spyware. We also do this for PCs and iOS devices.

  • We identify spyware on any device.

  • We build networks to protect small businesses and large companies.

  • We conduct mobile device and computer forensics to reconstruct data.

  • We conduct social media investigations.

  • We conduct cyberbullying investigations.

  • We help protect your personal life with privacy consulting for a digital age.

  • We investigate reputation attacks on executives.