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Criminal History Checks

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We look for criminal histories. Since 1840 when Eugene Francois Vidocq became the first private detective, keeping track of a persons criminal past has always been more important. Vidocq was the first to start a card system, later perfected by Scotland Yard and the NYPD.

We first attempt to understand why you need someone's criminal history, then we go to work on the details. Who they are, where they have lived and all the personal identifiers we will need to conduct a thorough criminal history check.

Why Should I Conduct a Criminal History Check?

I don't know. Why do you think you should? Likely you have good reason. We recommend you do not enter into any significant relationship with a lover, a baby sitter, heck even your pool guy without a criminal history background check.

Answer yourself this question: What do I have to lose if this person is some kind of criminal? Your child? Your money? Your reputation? Your sanity?

During a criminal history investigation, we help you understand:

A person's true identity.

A person's address history.

A person's criminal background.

A person's liens, judgements and bankruptcy background (if important).

A person's arrest record.

A person's conviction record and what for; ie: assault, pedophilia, etc.

Criminal History Checks

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