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Most parents want to work with the other parent in an amenable fashion in order to allow their children to prosper from love and material needs. But, what happens when the other parent is not supporting their child, not spending time with the child and or is lying about wages, employment, time with the child, etc.?


You hire us as your private investigators. In 3 decades I have worked hundreds of child custody and support investigations and chances are I can help you work towards the evidence you need in order to get what your child deserves.

By the way, if you're a single parent, I applaud you for doing all you can to see your child get what they deserve. Thank you for being a parent who cares to go to the ends of the earth to help your child have a good life.

We earmark 5% of all profit produced from child custody cases to benefit local charities that help single parents.

What I can Do For You In a Child Custody/Support Investigation?

Succinct and to the point I can aid you and your legal professional get evidence. Are they working? We can find out. Do they have money in the bank? We will find how much. Are they spending time with the child? We will place them under surveillance.

  • We find assets in the other parents name.

  • We find where they work.

  • We find documentation of earnings.

  • We watch them to be sure they are abiding by the court terms.

  • We check if they are cohabitating against court orders.

  • We see if they are treating your child well.

  • We document their living situation to ensure the welfare of the child.

Child Custody & Support

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 Why hire PRIVATE?

  • We don't suck. We put a great deal of effort into each case.

  • We are experienced. Everyone drones on about degrees and law enforcement experience (yawn) - all of which has very little relationship to decades of private experience. 

  • Because you can hire me. Fair prices and excellent client relations.

  • I guarantee discretion. We will never tell anyone we work for you.

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