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Unfaithful Cheaters & Infidelity

Yes, cheaters are still abundant and create misery for their partners. Is my partner being faithful? Is he or she cheating on me? How could they act this way after all I have done for them?

Does this sound like how you might feel? I empathize with you and will do my very best to help you gain clarity. I work all over California on cheating partners, especially in the San Diego, Anaheim, Los Angeles and the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

It may not seem so now, but if your mate is unfaithful, life gets better. Granted, you may have to go through this rough patch, but I promise you will breathe again. A  cheating spouse or partner is dead weight and comes with all sorts of other psychological and economical problems.

What I can Do For You In a Cheating Partner / Infidelity Investigation?

Succinct and to the point I can aid you and your legal professional get evidence. Are they really being unfaithful? I have worked on thousands of lying, cheating, conniving and unfaithful partner investigations. Here are a few things we can do to help:

  • We place them under lawful surveillance.

  • We photograph or video any person they are with.

  • We find the names of the person they are with.

  • We check unknown callers for their real identities.

  • We conduct social media dating site investigations.

  • We catch them being unfaithful!

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Affordable Pricing

We want to offer you value for your money. When your matter is important enough to contact a legal professional such as a private investigator, you don't want to skimp on service.

Surveillance for one investigator begins at $95 and goes to $125 per hour with a 5 hour minimum.  We always recommend more than one investigator should we be watching a potential cheating partner. 


Our prices are all-inclusive so there is no additional cost for gas, toll, mileage or parking within 35 miles of the start of the investigation. 

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