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Background Investigations

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We conduct background checks and background investigations. What's the difference between the two?

As the name implies, in any of the two circumstances, we are looking into someone's past. Perhaps to identify a particular matter or to see what may be indicative of a present or future connection to that person's past.

A background check usually is cursory in nature. We look for requested information and report that to you. Usually our background checks are less expensive because we are not connecting other dots that may be connected or shades of grey not delved into deeper.

Background investigations generally speaking, require us to look at various avenues of a person's past and dig deeper into areas of interest. We look at complex connections between persons, places and things. A background investigation is usually more expensive because of the labor that goes into producing a quality investigation.

Should I Choose a Background Check or a Background Investigation?

This question is best answered by what is at stake. Is this to ensure your child is safe with a caregiver? Is this to really know if your partner has anything they aren't telling you? Are you vetting someone for a key role in your company? 

A background investigation is the best choice for those scenarios. Where as, if you are needing basic information on someone to ensure you have a broad understanding, a background check may be in your best interest. It is a matter of risk vs. reward.

Background Checks

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