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Attorney Services

How We Help Legal Professionals

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Attorney Services

We help solo lawyers, litigators and large firms get information they need to build strong cases.

Why Should Your Law firm Work With PRIVATE?

Succinct and to the point I can aid  legal professionals get evidence. Here are a few things we can do to help:

We build cases that withstand scrutiny of judges, juries and opposing counsel.

We use only ethical investigative techniques that require good old fashioned hard work.

We provide the services you really need, such as: forensics, finding people, serving due process, expert interviews, interpretation of data, connecting the dots and creating a legal path for you to represent your client with the big picture in mind.

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Frequently asked questions

Theres thousands of private investigators, why should we work with you?

You should work with me because I am still here. When many agencies fold within the first few years, there are private investigators that stand the test of time. I am one of them.

Will your investigators meet with me?

Yes. We can come to your law office and even professionally speak to your clients letting them know succintly how we will aid their case.

What do you charge to work for a law firm?

The same as we do everyone else. Our reasonable hourly fees start at $195 per hour, however, most of what we do has palatable flat rate prices that let you know what you are getting ahead of time without going a penny over budget. We do offer volume discount to any client that has multiple assignements for us.