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Asset Investigations

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We conduct asset checks and asset investigations. What's the difference between the two?

As the name implies, in any of the two circumstances, we are looking for assets, whether it be cursory search or an in-depth investigation to find difficult to locate assets.

An asset search may be as simple as us looking to see if someone owns a motor vehicle. Or, perhaps it is to see if the subject has any real estate in their name. They are usually straight forward and cost less than an asset investigation.

Asset investigations generally speaking, require us to look at various avenues of a financial situation and dig deeper into areas of interest. We look at complex connections between persons, places and things. An asset investigation is usually more expensive because of the labor that goes into producing a quality investigation.

Should I Choose a Asset Check or a Asset Investigation?

This question is best answered by what is at stake. Is this to ensure you your dues during a divorce? Is this to really know if your partner has anything they aren't telling you? Are you looking to enter litigation and need to know whether it is worth pursuing? 

An asset investigation is the best choice for those scenarios. Where as, if you are needing basic asset checks on a person or company to have a general broad understanding, an asset search may be in your best interest. It is a matter of risk vs. reward.

Asset Investigations

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Frequently asked questions

How much does an asset search cost?

We custom tailor each asset search to the needs of the matter at hand. You can count on an asset search starting at $600 for a good point of reference.

What does a background investigation cost?

Asset investigations by their nature dig deeper into financial pictures. Asset investigations start at $1250.

How long does a background check/investigation take?

Depending upon the information you desire, an asset check can be completed the same day. Some take longer, this is solely dependent upon how deep you wish to go. Some asset investigations can take a few weeks, but this is generally the case when we are conducting an in-depth asset investigation.

Is the asset investigation discreet?

100% yes. We leave no trail nor will the subject have any idea we conducted an asset investigation.

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