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03. Business Investigations

Due Diligence

One of the strongest suite of services we can offer a company conducting business both domestically and overseas is our due diligence investigations. 

Even in today's business climate fraught with fraud and dishonest gains, most companies do not conduct due diligence into companies they do substantial business with. We solve this problem by digging deep into companies, their management, ownership and staff. We look at connections between people, places and things that may make a merger, acquisition or business proposal a bad idea. Our due diligence investigations save millions, help with bargaining and save reputation and assets.

Management & Executive Backgrounds

We go to great lengths to vet key personnel. We look beyond the criminal history to learn their true character by observing their actions, learning who they associate with and more. All of course custom created to your exact specifications

Workplace Misconduct

Is there something going on in your company that just isn't right, ethical, legal or immoral. We help small to large businesses gather useful information to make legal and ethical decisions. We work on sexual harassment claims, provide investigations into theft of trade secrets, claims made by employees that they are due special work circumstances, workers compensation claims and more.

Intellectual Property

We have worked on a myriad of intellectual property investigations. We help our clients find where there intellectual property may be misused and pursue tactics to document such abuse so that you can build a strong legal case for takedowns, stopping black market goods, infringement on your trademarks/dress and service marks and other services that help IP litigators build strong cases.

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