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Would You Like My Team To Help You? 

My team and I have helped 7,000 people from 9 + countries create happier, healthier, and wealthier lives by providing and protecting information.

Create a Healthier, Happier & Often Wealthier Life

Our objective is to bring services to our clients that make their life better. We do this by providing professional strategies and execution of products, programs and services that aid our clients understand a personal, legal or business situation better.

We also mitigate or eliminate risks to clients personal safety, privacy and cyber life with cybersecurity, privacy services and risk management practices that help investors, businesses and private clients stay private while improving their life.

Get Choices —Not Sloppy Service

Many firms who do something similar to Private (no one does exactly what we do) provide shotgun strategies in a few minutes on the phone in order to keep you from calling another firm. They want to get your business now, and don’t care about how to really ensure the best strategy for your matter.

Not Private.

You have the choice to either pay $99 for a 30 minute professional consultation, or you can complete our application for free and let us get back to you on whether we honestly believe we can bring value to your matter.

How Private Can Help You

We will prepare you with a bespoke solution that contains the exact steps you need to get the results you desire in your privacy, cyber or investigative matter. Wtih 7,000+ Clients we know how to focus so you get everything you need and nothing you don’t, all done legally with our in-house team and network of global experts.


You don’t need multiple service providers, Private has the solutions to assist you to protect yourself from prying eyes or help you gather intelligence to make challenging decisions.  Here’s what we can help you with:

Team of Advisors

We have financial, investigative, cyber and legal advisors to help you where you need it most


Private creates context around information and intelligence with our fully vetted private investigation team


Private is among the first companies to offer professional privacy services to private clients who need more anonimity.


We provide cybersecurity, penetration testing, OSINT and social media deep dives to help find relevance in a matter.


Why You Need a Comprehensive Plan


We manage matters across states and borders to ensure continuity of service.

Cost Effective

Starting without a strategy is like building a two-story house with no plan, no engineer. You could be building on unstable ground. 

Professional Coordination

We coordinate lawyers, tax attorneys, financial advisors, cyber security and more.

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We Believe Your Personal, Business or Legal Matter is Worth More Than a 15 Minute Consultation

Consultation Contact

Anyone wishing to inquire to our agency can receive quick responses via this form. We promise to reply, often within just a few minutes.

We have two options for consultation. Paid and free. Paid is either a 30 minute or 1 hour telephone consultation.  Our free option is via email. Just fill out this form and we will see if we are a good fit and give you the cost. Should you engage with us we will then complete a phone consultation.

Free and paid, please start here and we will reply quickly.


Thanks for submitting!

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