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About Us



A Splendid Past

I started as a private investigator 30 years ago. Motivated by wanting  to be that guy from TV (Magnum, Mike Hammer, Simon & Simon, Rockford) I persisted until I was given an opportunity.

Yeah, not exactly what you may have thought, right? Many ask if I started as cop. Nope. My whole career has been dedicated to working for private clients, attorneys and companies investigating complex personal, legal and business matters.

What does that get you? Experience. I know what private clients need during complex matters. You can read all the books you want. Have degrees hanging on your wall. But, nothing trumps experience.

I can't leap a tall building or run faster than a locomotive but I am very qualified as a private detective to handle you private matter, with integrity.

I've never had the red Ferrari, and mums the word on the pretty dames - but I have had cases full of interest and intrigue.

At your service,

Steve Garrett

Chief Investigator | PRIVATE Inc.