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We are the Bay Area's place to go when you need to know.


Our prompt same-day investigation services provide expedited solutions to intricate matters. Our extensive experience and expertise render us a reliable source of guidance and support, even during the most challenging circumstances.


At Private...

We take the time to understand your matter carefully so we can apply the correct strategy.

We listen


We will share what we can do and cannot do to ensure the success of your matter.

We educate


We give clarity

We will provide greater clarity so that you can make important decisions.

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We Solve Big & Urgent Challenges


We help with family law matters such as cheating partners, child custody & support and elder abuse.


We locate hidden assets to make honest distribution more fair. Don't let them hide assets and cheat you what you are due.


We handle matters of malfeasance, sexual harassment, and theft.


In-house professional digital forensics including social media forensics is a specialty of Private.


We help you take control over a stalking matter with a wide range of specialized stalking abatement services.


Looking for someone? Googled yourself silly? We use proprietary and government sources not available to the public to locate people.

Hear what our clients are saying now!

Whether it's getting past a bad relationship, sticking it to a fraudster, or getting what you deserve in a family law matter, Private can help get you back on track to living a happy, healthy and often wealthier life.

Construction Manager

We hired Private to help us with a business issue. They assisted in rooting out an employ who was stealing our customer list. Excellent service.

Barry - Larkspur


What do you want to get more out of in your life?

They aim to provide a holistic approach to private investigation services. It did feel that way and now I am glad I hired Private.

Patricia - Benicia

Restaurant Owner

My first time hiring a detective and I was pleased that they cared to go above and beyond.

Mariana - Sonoma


Understandably, images are representative, all other statements are facts.

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We do investigations a little differently.

When you use a
standard investigator...

A standard investigator is fine for  mundane tasks.

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Charge you mileage + toll + parking

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Can be very inexperienced

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Can have little specialty related practice

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Prescribe surveillance to every case

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Do not have backgrounds in intelligence

When you use a
PRIVATE™ detective...

A PRIVATE™ investigator takes on more complex projects.

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All-inclusive pricing 

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We do not account for every minute

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No risk to budget!

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Provide professional advisement based on 30 years of expereince