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Private provides nationwide private investigation services. We can aid clients contacting us from all 50 states, overseas and abroad.

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After you’ve Googled yourself silly, let our California detectives help.

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From private clients to law firms and corporations, savvy clients know that you can only make informed decisions with accurate intelligence. Private goes to work professionally to provide you with information you can use to make challenging decisions.

Asset Investigations

Asset Investigations

We find money, property, policies, collections and more

Asset Investigations

We find liquid assets, real estate, businesses, collections, policies, autos and more.

We find money, property, policies, collections and more

Background Checks

Asset Investigations


Background Checks

We conduct investigations into the backgrounds of people that cover a wide variety of topics.

We find money, property, policies, collections and more

Domestic Investigations

Asset Investigations


Domestic Investigations

Child custody and support, elder abuse, infidelity, missing heirs, divorce preparation, child abuse & other family matters.

We find money, property, policies, collections and more


Asset Investigations



We watch claimants, errant spouses, cheating partners, employees and others you need to know more about.

We find money, property, policies, collections and more

Custom Investigations

Asset Investigations

Custom Investigations

Bespoke solutions to any cyber, privacy, investigative or security service.

We find money, property, policies, collections and more

Business Investigations

Asset Investigations


Business Investigations

Harassment, workplace theft, espionage, work accidents, asset protection audits.

We find money, property, policies, collections and more

Locate People

Asset Investigations


Locate People

Locate people you need to find, such as witnesses, old flames, deadbeats, debtors, family and others.

We find money, property, policies, collections and more

 Forensics & Social Media

Asset Investigations


Forensics & Social Media

We have full cybersecurity, device forensics and social media investigation agents.

We find money, property, policies, collections and more

Legal Investigations

Asset Investigations


Legal Investigations

We help gather important evidence during a legal matter.


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Many say they are private investigators, but we put Private as our name. We are the preeminent privacy focused private investigation firms in California.

Complete privacy

Secure case management

After your investigation, we keep nothing. We don’t hold onto videos, photographs or files containing personal information. Everything get’s scrubbed after your case in order to ensure no data leaks.

Quick case initiation 

Private doesn't waste any time. We roll up our sleeves and get started immediately on your matter. We hit the ground running and don’t make you pay then wait to get results.

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If you need help there's 24/7 email, chat, and phone support from a real person.

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We help during complex family & personal matters.

We sensitively help our clients on family matters, infidelity, child custody, stalking cases, finding loved ones, and more.

Lady justice


We harden our clients from cyber crimes and investigate social media.

All of our cyber related work includes: cybersecurity, device forensics, cyber investigations and social media investigations.

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Cybersecurity programs |
Code cracking | Private Detectives


We take on legal cases that involve litigation and criminal investigation.

Private help litigators gather helpful information. We provide support before, during, and after a matter. We aid private clients that need investigation on personal legal issues to gain greater clarity and defense.

Judge legal investigations | Private


Protect your company from losses.

Private aids clients in many business-related matters. We help investigate insurance claims, theft of company property, cybersecurity systems, asset protection, and competitive intelligence.


Expert help for those that have never hired a private investigator before.

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Can anyone hire Private, or do I need to be a lawyer?

Yes, anyone can hire Private. If you have a reasonable reason to conduct an investigation, find facts or uncover useful intelligence,. You may hire Private to investigate the integrity of another person, evaluate processes, manage cybersecurity and other related legal services.

Do you offer any guarantees on your investigation services?

Yes. We guarantee our workmanship based on the budget the client has provided. We also have some guarantees on things like people locatesNot all private investigations come with a guarantee, so it’s best to speak to us to discuss your matter.

How much does a private investigator cost?

Most of our private investigation fees are in package prices so that you don’t worry about hourly billing. For example, we have package prices starting at $400, $950 and others more complex that may have an hourly billing starting at $150 per hour.

Hire the Best California Private Investigator Near Me


Local Private Investigator



A local private detective is much more likely to know their surroundings, have contacts and generally serve your needs better.

Why Hire a Private Investigator near Me?

Countless clients call me to say they wish they never hired the private investigator from Florida, Arizona, you name it. Don't get stiffed by an our of state detective.

Family Owned & Operated



We have a deep understanding of California. Our local networks are resources. Hiring a California private investigator strengthens our local economy.

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City of Oakland, Lawyer

I will gladly give testimony to the fact that Steve Garrett [Private] helped the City of Oakland prosecute fraud and recover financially because of an investigation he did.


Marcus P.

My company is grateful to the work of this agency. They helped us recover $150,000 of uninsured heavy equipment. Forever in your debt.

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Sadly, but fortunately, Steve proved when police did not listen that my 10 month old daughter was being abused by her father. We will heal now.

How Much Does a California Private Investigator Cost?

The cost of hiring a California private investigator will depend upon the complexity of the investigation, the required human resources, possible expense, and the detective's experience. 


We break many of our private investigation services into package prices, saving our clients from the frustration of overinflated billing. We have all-inclusive package prices starting at $400. Hourly rates are $150 to $500 per hour, should your matter require an hourly rate.

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Private Investigators are all over the world. Also known a Private Detectives, we  are from every culture in every land and we all have varying degrees of experience conducting investigations on behalf of our private clients. We help people, companies and law firms during challenging personal and legal matters.

Private investigators backgrounds range from former law enforcement, federal agents, journalists, lawyers, scientists, security experts and more!

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